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07 September 2020 @ 03:21 pm
Hey there~~
Finally i decided to make Fic List in my journal,,
I know that i haven't write much and my writing skill is bad.. >____<
but,, i guess there's no harm to have my own fic list, nae?? :DD

Uhm, i only write Yunjae fic (maybe slight Yoosu too) that's why the main pairing of all my fic is Yunjae
So, you won't find any other pairing here (as main pairing i mean) :p
Here we go,,

Series :
I want to get married!! (Ongoing)
Length : ??
Pairings : Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin, other characters
Rating : PG13
Genre : humour, crack (failed!)
Warning : childish&innocent!-Jae, silly!-Yun, alilbitcrazy!-Moms
Summary : Jaejoong wants to get married....
Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter 4a/Chapter 4b

Pieces of Love (Ongoing)
Pairing : Yunjae
Length : ??
Genre : Angst, fluff, romance
Rating : PG-13
Warning : M-preg, psychological disorder
Summary :
They really love each other and their love will be perfect with a new life in their house. That’s what Yunho thought. What he didn’t know is that their life would changed in a matter of time.
Yunho was so happy that finally his wife is getting pregnant, but Jaejoong had to face a hard time during the pregnancy that makes him suffered even after the baby born. Actually not only Jaejoong who suffered but also Yunho, who have to struggle to save Jaejoong, his baby, his family.
Prologue/Chapter 1/Chapter2/Chapter 3

Deviation/ Two Roads (Ongoing)
Length: 1/?
Rating: PG - ??? (dunno yet…)
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst, Yaoi
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu, Changmin, Kangta
He is living a happy life with his other-half until oneday he knew that his beloved have an illness. He takes him with the best treatment he could affort, not worrying about how much money, sweats, and tears he spent. When he in the difficult situation comes someone who offered to help them with hard consequencies, and it seems he has no choice…
Prologue/Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3

Oneshot :
Of Promise and Trust
Summary : Jaejoong had a bad feelings. Yunho got hospitalized. The insecurities take over them during this hard time. They have to trust to each other.
Love Definition
Summary : What is definition of love for Yunho??
Summary : After being sexually abused by his lover’s brother. Jaejoong has a terrible trauma. Can he cure his trauma? Will their relationship be back like before?
Blackberry Charger (collaboration with leeyoung_jin )
Summary : When Jaejoong forgot to bring his Blackberry charger...
Coming Home
Summary : Yunho misses his family, so he plans to make a surprise to them
Summary : After what he did, Jaejoong still hold a hope for them. But, it was to late…

Twoshot :
My Not So Amazing Birthday
Summary : Jaejoong wasn’t that happy when he knew about Karam worshipping his man...
part 1 / part 2

Drabble/Songfic :
You and My Life
Summary : Jaejoong had to choose, and Yunho had to say goodbye..
If My Life Was A Drama
Summary : If his life was a drama? What would he become?

That's all i have, i hope i can write more in the future
so my writing could be better.. ^^
some of my fic are posted in my joined community 
Thanks for reading, and~~
Comments are so much LOVED
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07 May 2011 @ 06:13 pm
 Title : Late
Author : kiyazawa 
Pairing : Yunjae (Jaejoong-centric)
Genre : angst
Rating : PG
Length : Oneshot
Warning : unrequited love
Summary : After what he did, Jaejoong still hold a hope for them. But, it was to late…

It was late after all...Collapse )
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28 April 2011 @ 03:28 pm
 Title : If My Life was a Drama
Author : kiyazawa 
Pairing : Yunjae (Yunho-centric)
Genre : a tiny lil bit of angst
Rating : PG
Length : Drabble
Warning : unrequited love
Summary : If his life was a drama? What would he become?

I’m not the main character of the dramaCollapse )

I think this is the worse fic i've ever write ;_____;
but i still want to write it anyway...
im posting this in the airport since my mom hasn't come to pick me up yet,, T___T
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28 March 2011 @ 09:26 am
i dunno why suddenly this topic popped up in my mind,,
i just wondering...
when you will get married???
i found many of fans are in the same age as me (or maybe older) and a lot of us still haven't married (including me)
that's why i wanna know the answer..

and,, if someday you're married,,
will you still being a fangirl as now???

and,, what if, your hubby forbid you to fangirling the boys??

as for me~~~
1st question : actually, i don't exactly know when i will get married, since im still single right now.. LOLOLOL
being a fangirl made me not pay to much attention to people around me,, (just admit that there's noone who likes you, eva..) XD
but, i hope i will,, someday... creating a family is one of my biggest dream in my life.. ^^

2nd question : maybe~~~ i love the boys,, and being married won't make me leave them, but maybe i won't be as active as now (of course, because i have a family to take care of)
maybe i'll just read some news about them, buying their album, and listening to their music.
i guess that's normal right? :p

3 question : uhmm,,, this is difficult to answer... but if he forbid me to be a fangirl, maybe,, i'll secretly read their news, listening to their music (or maybe secretly reading YJ fanfics too) LMAO!!!
because its hard to leave this fandom just like that, im already attached to it... i'll still liking them without my hubby's knowing,, hahahaha...

That's what i thought..
if you accidentally read this post, and don't mind sharing your opinion,
i will gladly read whta's on your mind about this,,,
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18 February 2011 @ 02:39 pm
This is so random... 
I just get this idea when i read some news about Jaejoong's recommendation book being reprints because of explosive orders..
the link for the news here  (credit by tohosomnia)

I dunno but this suddenly bugging me,,,

I'm sure we all already know about Yunho's interview on Strong Heart Show right?
He said that he won't cry because this isn't time to cry, he has been holding it back untill the end of the year so he will have no regret, 
or so like that... (i don't know what he was saying truthfully because i just knew it from news translation so i can't give the exact meaning from what he said, but i guess the meaning is something like that)

When i saw that news (the one i said earlier about Jaejoong's recommendation book) i just thinking about our leader-shi,,,
Hemhh.. maybe Jaejoong recommended that book for,, his leader-shi?? :DDD
Because i guess, Jaejoong knows Yunho so well, it's like (for me) Jae told Yunho to just cry his heart out when he is sad. 
As we all know, Yunho isn't the cry-type person, even Jae has ever said that he would hold his tears (when he's happy and sad) then when they already back in their dorm and he'll locking himself in the bathroom to cry. 

I dunno where this silly thinking comes from, it's just that this really amused me how Jaejoong talked about this book and then later there's some news that Yunho wouldn't let himself cry for now.
For me, it's okay to cry sometimes, so the weigt we have to endure would lessen a bit (even maybe crying won't solve the problem tho) but it's good when we can cry, sometimes. I just really feel sorry for our leader-shi, i think he suffered so much with this shit situation and has no one to talk too (yes, there's Changmin but since we all know that Jae, who being his other-half for all this time, is not by his side, there must be a lot of burden he feels).
I just wish he could hang on there and moving on with this situation. And hope he will live happier this day onwards.
Keep the hard work, leader-shi... Do your best for TVXQ and yourself!!
I'm SO PROUD of him!! &hearts; & hearts; &hearts;

I know it's just my random thought and none of us know is it true or not :p
Maybe it's just a coinsience though :DDD
Oh,btw... i guess leader-shi should read Jaejoong's book recommendation then...
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24 December 2010 @ 09:17 pm
It's been a while since i post something, hahaha..
there's so much i wanna say actually, but.. i'm just too lazy to write LOL
this post inspired by the interviews both JYJ and Homin did lately
just wanna share what my feeling about what they said there, and about some "negative" comments there..
honestly,, i don't want to say this, but it's just can't get out of my mind before i write it..

okay,, this is the sourced of interview (credit for 'sharingyoochun' site)

JYJ's Interview sharingyoochun.net/2010/12/22/trans-101220-star-ox-jyj-tvxq-a-reunion-is-possible/#more-85460
Homin's Interview
part 1 : sharingyoochun.net/2010/12/22/trans-101221-changmin-yunho-ginger-interview-because-we-are-tvxq/#comment-368116
part 2 : sharingyoochun.net/2010/12/23/trans-101221-changmin-our-smiles-arent-natural-but-forced-as-an-alternative-to-our-real-feelings/#more-85561

they knew exactly what the result from their desicion, everything has the consequency. that's life anyway~~Collapse )
So for now,,
just support all of their activities...
either it's JYJ or Homin,,
please no 'negative' comments, that will just lead to nothing good...
there's so many shit happen to us (this fandom) don't put another spicy things between it,,
this fandom once is so wonderful for me, but lately,, i just finding it become more tiring with all the bashing and fights

we have to support each other,,

i will gladly expecting more from JYJ and of course from Homin too with their new single...
gossshh... isn't "peace" is beautiful??? ^___^

A/N : i know it's getting long and my english is just so embarassing,,
but, whatever,, i have to voice my feelings out..
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22 October 2010 @ 04:37 pm
I just wondering around in some of tvxq’s forum and found that Yunho would be casting in (the so-called big project) Poseidon drama. And I’m quite shock knowing that there’s some kind of “mouth-war” in it. I’m not into tvxq’s news lately, so I really am lost about it. I wonder what the hell is going on here??

And then, I just remember that Poseidon drama is the drama that once rumoured to be Jaejoong’s drama (but from what I remembered he didn’t confirm about it yet). Now, some source announced that Yunho would be the one who will cast in that drama, the news even said that it’s confirmed, then the same source fixed their statement that it’s not confirmed yet, that Yunho joined the casting for the role in that drama (then, we all already know that those source can’t be trusted at all) *sigh*

The things that upset me is that there’re Jaejoong’s fans (not all Jae fans, it’s just a few, so don’t bash me back fellow Jae fans LOL) who bashed Yunho because they think that Yunho "STOLE" Jaejoong's role. This pained me the most, why they did that? They called they’re Cassiopeia yet they bashed one of their so-called-idol. How could they said that Yunho stole that role from Jae?? 

I don't think it's fair to blame Yunho because he was choosed to be casted in that drama. Is the he one who really want to be casted? Is he the one who want to "stole' that role from Jaejoong? We don't know right? So, why blame him?
We all know that he is in SM label, and we all know how capable SM is when it comes to entertaiment industry (actually i don't want to blame SME because i don't know about 'the real' SM at all, i just know from the news i read, and so far what i know is SM has a great effect on every their artists doings). Then, every activity Yunho do or will do obviously have to do with SM doings. Maybe, even Yunho don't have a choice to choose what he really wants to do at all. So, my question again is, why blame Yunho?
We can assume anything about this matter about whose fault it is, how could this happen, how they (Yunho and Jae) felt about this issue and all, but why the hatred words towards each other? I really don't get it at all. We should support them in their every activities, not to bashed one of them because the role that isn't even confirmed yet. 
There's one even said that when your friend took a role that supposely yours, it's like stabbing your own friend from the back. What's with that saying?? It really hurts me ALOT when i read that. It's like he/she who said that inquires that there's a huge competition between them (JYJ and Homin) and it's like they really became an enemy after all what happen. isn't he/she don't trust about our boys brotherly relationship at all?? We all know maybe.. maybe, there's a change in their relationship after this separation, but i still believe that they're still love each other, so they won't do something that hurt each other, right? And I know that there's sooo many obstacles and problem in front of them. But is that can be an exuse to blame each other??
WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. We just know everything from the news (that even we don't know if it's true or not), so that we can assume everything that happen to our boys. But, the one for sure is WE DON'T KNOW what's the real happening! So, why the hate words? we are all the same, we are all just a "WATCHER". We all just can "sit and watch" all the drama that's happening to our boys (Unless if you one hell out of rich fans that could buy SME, so yeah, you could do as you please)
Oh yes, of course we can voice out our opinion, but, no hate words to each other please? We're all CASSIOPEIA for God's sake!! We should support each other, and pray the best for them, not fighting over trivial things like this. It would be better if we all support all of the things they do or will do. 

I'm a hard-core TVXQ's fans, and I love Yunho with all my heart, yes, I'm Yunho's biased. It hurts so much when you hear someone badmouthed about your biased. And yes, I love Jaejoong dearly too (Of course, I'm a Yunjae fans after all :DD)
And what upset me more is that they bring Yunjae too.. >_____<
I don't even know why they brought Yunjae in this matter...
One said that we can't bring Yunjae as an exuse to know that their relationship as good as ever, regarding of this matter. There're a few people said that Yunho and Jaejoong are the different matters and we can't assume their relationship because of our 'IMAGINATION' about Yunjae. As Yunjae fans i'm sooo upset.. (they said that Yunjae is our 'imagination' ) T___T
*ok, don't mind that* :DD
Whose the one bringing Yunjae here?? They're the one who brought Yunjae in this matter.. gaahhh.. i'm pissed. (How could they said that to my Yunjae??? *get bricked* LOL)

Back to the issue.. :p
I don't care who will be the one who taking a role in this drama, is it Yunho or Jaejoong, or whoever it is as long as it's our boys, i will support them with all my heart. Honestly, i even don't really exited about our boys taking a role in a drama, because i'm much more happy if there's a news about our boys will be singing, not acting. I won't be so much happy if someday Yunho or Jaejoong (or any of our boys) known in the whole world as an actor, instead i will be a really happy fangirl if someday the world know them as a great singer. No offense, because I know them as a singer not an actor, so yeah.. (but everything they do i will support them nonetheless) :DD
It's not good for us to fight over something like this, don't you agree?? I guess Yunho will be so sad if he heard about Jae fans blaming him for taking Jaejoong's supposed role (that Jaejoong hasn't even confirmed the truth about it yet) in Poseidon, and i think Jaejoong would feel the same. So, just support anything they do, and let's keep the faith, Yoochun said so, nae??

Aigooo.... this rant is getting longer, i won't prolong it again with my bad English. LOOOL
so, Always Keep The Faith guys!!

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25 September 2010 @ 04:40 am
This is just my other random rambling about my life,,
Since i couldn't tell anyone (esp. my family or anyone in my house) then i suppose i should write here,, so i can calm my self a lil bit..

It's about the boy who live with me,,,
If you are wondering why there's a boy in my house (i don't have any family relationship with him tho..) it's kinda a long story to tell...
But to make it short, i just can say that he is a boy from other town that isn't far from my town,,
My mother took him to live with us because she want to help him so he could make it to enter highschool (the school where my mother works at)
Oneday, a reporter told my mom that there was a boyoom who couldn't enter highschool because of money problem. So, my mom come to visit him and his family. My mom asked him whether he wants to go to highschool or not but he had to live with us (we don't have any man in my house since my father already passed away almost 8 years ago). So, my mom thought that if he lived with us so he could help us in taking care of the house and doing other stuff who involved man. He agreed, that's why he lived with us until now.

An underage boy access porn site in my house using my mom's laptop property from her school without permission!!!! And the worst is,, i'm the one who teach him how to use an internet!! OHMYGOD!!! T_______TCollapse )

This is so fucking long rambling...
but it makes me feel at ease a lil tho.. *deep sigh*
i dunno what would you do if you're in my shoes?? am i too much??
i dunno...

i just update my fic "I Want to Get Married!!"
I'm glad that finally i can update after more that 2 weeks... :DDDD
Have a good day guys...

love, kiya~~
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10 September 2010 @ 12:20 am
Ramadhan is over..
and,, Ied is coming!!!

for all the moslem in the world...



In this holy day i want to apologize for all the wrongs, faults, and mistakes i've ever done to you all..
I hope we all can be a better person after a whole months we've been 'trained' in Ramadhan.
May Allah always bless us... Amen...

And, for my other friends (even you're not a moslem) i want to say the same things too...
please forgive me my dear friends...
God bless you... ^____^

My not-so-important ramblings... XDDCollapse )

i almost forgot..
i want to say my GREATEST THANKS for you who wish me Happy birthday and sent me a message...
that really means a lot for me, really... *touched*
for you my dear : 
nadhesiko cacajung katoeluvhyde moon_sayuri ichlibedi_an herakleion swallowtt holystardown yunjae2009 kioku_kagami jaejaelover33  and....
nosy_duck  (Happy Birthday for you too, my dear.... ^^)

THANKS SO MUCH my dear~~~
i just wish you the wonderful days and God bless you my lovelies... ^_____^
Thanks again... *huggles & kisses*

~ kiya ~
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06 September 2010 @ 10:49 pm
Title : I want to get married!!
Author : kiyazawa
Length : 4b/??
Pairings : Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin, other characters
Rating : PG13
Genre : romance, humor, crack (failed!)
Warning : childish&innocent!-Jae, Silly!-Yun, crazy!-Moms
Summary : Kim Jaejoong had no plans whatsoever for his own future and of this his mother was very much aware. So when Jaejoong suddenly announced his decision to get married, Mrs. Kim’s world upside down. With the wedding bells ringing all around mother and son, one question suddenly popped up: who was Jaejoong's lucky choice? (The search begins…)

credit poster : aulxdayz 

A/N. Dun dun dun... Finally it has finished!! \^o^/
This chapter is for my bb ichlibedi_an  and nosy_duck  who kindly waiting for this silly story. *squishes them*
And,, this is un-beta because my beta Sammie bb is sooooo busy, i dont have a heart to add more work to her, so please excuse for many grammar & spelling mistakes. Happy reading.. ^__^

Chapter 4b

“I already said sorry. Why you act so bicthy unnie?” Collapse )

A/N. Finally i can finished this chapter, maybe it's not an interesting chapter but this is needed to explain why Jaejoong refused to date Hyori and has to continue his searching.. LOL
i know that i said it wouldn’t take me more that 2 weeks to update, but yeah,, seems that i can 'tfind a good mood to write, especially after my not-so-long holiday that made me lazzzzzyyyyy... ><

And,, Happy Ied Mubarak for you who celebrate it...


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